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At Alpha Microsystems Inc., our mission is to provide the highest performance, top quality computer hardware and system software. Leading edge technology using the latest in processor power, networking, and storage management drives Alpha Micro hardware. The application software makes the difference in delivering the maximum benefits of a multi-user business computer.

Application software comes from experts whose own business depends on creating the best solutions for yours. Those experts are Alpha Micro Products' Value Added Resellers, a network of specialists in many markets. They provide complete solutions, including Alpha Microsystems computers, as well as applications. Typical solutions offered by our VARs include:

• Accounting systems
• Medical and dental practice management
• Pharmacy management
• Insurance applications
• Computer aided dispatch for 9-1-1 systems
• Fund-raising management
• Equipment rental
• School administration
• Interconnection between PCs and AMOS systems
• Distribution systems for products such as:
  • Auto parts
  • Liquor
  • Office products
  • Tires

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